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Deaf tutor's plea to have language heard
Raising Awareness of CRPS - Jack's story
Blog 9 - six months on and going strong
Veteran's Dutch Medal of Honour
Deaf tutor's plea to have language heard

While Scottish and Welsh Gaelic are accepted minority languages, British Sign Language is not.

As a result, when a deaf person needs to have an interpreter they can find that their 'voice' is someone with nothing more that a GCSE qualification in their language.

Deaf tutor Ayesha Gavin was delighted when her company Ayesha Communications won the Service category of Rossendale Business Awards, was highly commended in Customer Friendly and a finalist in Business of the Year.

She asked me to help her publicise the company's successes, but on chatting she explained the concerns about her language not being recognised and that became the story.

The Lancashire Telegraph and Rossendale Free Press also saw the merit in the angle and used the story as a page lead.

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Raising Awareness of CRPS - Jack's story

CRPS - Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is an often misunderstood condition leaving the patient in excrutiating pain with symptoms no one can see.

Having interviewed Jack and his younger brother Jayden in the past about their dancing, I had already formed a bond with their mum Vicky Leigh.

When she wanted Jack's story to be told, she asked me for help. As CRPS is a hidden condition with no obvious signs for the outside observer, often other children and adults do not understand. My remit was to get Jack's story told, and who better to tell it than Jack himself.

I interviewed him at home with his parents and he explained clearly what he feels, the pain no one can see and how it has affected his young life.

My story made a full page in the Lancashire Telegraph and Rossendale Free Press and was also used by Burning Nights as a case study biog - the national charity for people with CRPS and their families.

Vicky's testimonial is also printed here.


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Blog 9 - six months on and going strong

What a six months it has been since I was operated on and my thyroid disappeared into an incinerator.I have written this reflective piece because it has been a bit of a roller coaster ride but I hope an inspirational one too.

The blog is printed below or click the icon to read a pdf copy. Thank you to my doctor for diagnosing me, my consultant for trying to treat my condition with medication and controlling it in preparation for the operation, to my surgeon for ridding me of the thyroid and my speech therapist for telling me how to work on my voice.

Most of all, thank you to my friends, family and business clients for their unstinting support throughout what has been a difficult time.

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Veteran's Dutch Medal of Honour

Despatch Rider Lewis Banham spent the Second World War in Europe bravely delivering messages to troops on the front line.

Now, more than 70 years later, he has been rewarded with the Dutch Liberation Medal for helping to free the Netherlands.

The 94-year-old was also reunited with the same model of bike that he rode during the war and was his constant companion. The experience brought back memories to Lewis who was only too happy to tell his tale, and I was privileged to be able to write about it.

He is a member of Haslingden-based Veterans In Communities where he enjoys the art group and going on social inclusion trips.

Here's my story on the Rossendale Free Press and the Lancashire Telegraph sites.

Photographs by William Ogden.


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image Deaf tutor's plea to have language heard
image Raising Awareness of CRPS - Jack's story
image Blog 9 - six months on and going strong
image Veteran's Dutch Medal of Honour

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