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Kindle Deal on Sophie Lancaster Book
Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism
Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism and me - my blog
Kindle Deal on Sophie Lancaster Book

Throughout the month of October, Amazon Kindle has selected my book The Sophie Lancaster Story to become one of its special deals to be promoted to UK readers.

Since the book was relaunced on St George's Day in April, it has been an incredible success and I am delighted to have helped to spread the message that intolerance is unacceptable it today's society and that we all must ensure that nothing like the sickening attack on Sophie and her boyfriend Rob Maltby should be allowed to happen again.

I have been contacted through the Facebook Sophie Lancaster Group by many people who have read the book and I am grateful for their feedback, and the reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads. I am also working with voiceover artist Karen to produce an audio version of the book.

Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance Everywhere. RIP Sophie.

Photo: Liz Henson Photography


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Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism

Good news! I have waited quite a while to feel so upbeat and feel like I have been waiting years to be so positive.

An optimist always looks on the bright side of life and yet I feel as though I have been stuck at the bottom of a very dark hole. Like the frog in the well, the one who jumps three feet and falls back two. Well this frog appears to have found her legs again.

I went for that consultant appointment and for once I came out with a smile on my face.

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Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism Here is the latest instalment in my bizarre experience of being diagnosed with Graves' Disease. As I await my next appointment with the consultant, I have endured yet another blood fiasco. You really couldn't make it up. Undeterred I succeeded in getting the information I required in th end. I also enjoyed a fabulous fiftieth and a nice holiday in North Yorkshire. See below or click on the icon to read more. Read the Full Story
Hyperthyroidism and me - my blog

This is a departure from my usual updates on my business, it is what journalists hate to do most of all, writing about themselves.

I have chosen to write this blog because someone out there is going through exactly what I am; they have an undiagnosed overactive thyroid. I hope by telling you what happened to me, it may also help someone else.

For just over a year I have been battling a condition called hyperthyroidism, unbeknown to me an organ in my neck has gone into overdrive making my life and the lives of others around me a misery. This first blog is in three parts, but as yet it has no conclusion.

Forgive me for the length, but it is a frank, open and honest discussion on the subject and the effect it has had on me. Please, if you have similar symptoms do something about it.

This first picture is by Liz Henson Photography and was taken in May 2015, BH Before Hyper.

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image Kindle Deal on Sophie Lancaster Book
image Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism
image Latest blog - Hyperthyroidism
image Hyperthyroidism and me - my blog

Welcome to Catherine Smyth Media

To put it simply - I tell your story

Catherine Smyth Media is a one-stop shop for Press and PR with an added specialism - creating school newspapers

Need to promote your organisation and get the message across?

I write news stories and take photographs for businesses, organisations and individuals with proven results. I have had contracts with two Rossendale high schools since 2009, gained a third in 2015, worked for local charity REAL for more than three years and since 2012 have worked for Rossendale-based charity Veterans In Communities. I am on contract with JJO kitchen, bedroom and bathroom manufacturerer in Bacup and I also work for a number of businesses as and when they require. I produce newsletters as well as news stories for the written press, online media, TV and radio.

Want to promote your school?

Why not let me run a School News project at your school?

You can choose either a School News in a Week project with the end product of a 16-page full colour newspaper written by the school€™s own pupils promoting literacy and inclusion.brochurewebAlternatively you can select the School News in a Day project which produces a 4-page paper and links in with the national curriculum journalistic writing taught in Year 6.

Check out the School News section to see examples of a paper in a day projects. Click here to read testimonials from teachers and pupils.

I also offer an after-school club newspaper service to produce a termly or half-termly paper written by primary school pupils.

I produce brochures and school prospectuses, which can be printed in school saving on costs or externally, if preferred.

To see an example click on the above photograph.

Got a story to tell?

I work as a freelance journalist and photographer. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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I have been a journalist since 1988 working on local evening and weekly papers. My last role was as news editor so I have organisational, subbing and page laying experience.

I was a school governor for 10 years, firstly at nursery and then at my sons'€™ primary school. While a governor, I developed a successful school newspaper at my sons' school and now share that experience with other schools through a one-week, one-day or termly or half-termly enrichment programmes.

Check out my School News page for more details and testimonials for feedback.

I have also written a book on the murder of Sophie Lancaster - Weirdo Mosher Freak, which can be bought direct from me. Just follow the link to ebay. To find out more click on my Sophie Lancaster Book page. The book has now been rebranded The Sophie Lancaster Story and is available on Amazon.

In a voluntary capacity, I am a Cub leader and chairman of the local carnival committee.